About Us

Yonmos is a streetwear company based on the idea of using clothing to express the feelings and thoughts we all experience. Designs come from past experiences, lessons learned, and ideas we want to spread. 

“Yonmos – Yoursoulf Zone”: Aiming to bridge the gap between fashion trends and daily comforts, Yonmos offers a lifestyle of casualness combined with diverse styles to its customers around the globe. It conveys a message that getting dressed is all about staying comfortable, and so is daily life. Adhering to the concept that “everyone can embrace their true self with style”, Yonmos is the ultimate one-stop shop for economical fashionistas who crave authentic yet powerful forms of self-expression.

Yonmos has established a reliable shipping network covering more than 40 countries and regions worldwide, which enables our brand to update and deliver quality fashion items at the fastest speed and with the finest service. And Yonmos will continue to thrive with your heartwarming support.